Indian Fantasy #1: Attend an Indian wedding

27 Feb

Before I left Australia, I had to attend an orientation day for the YCA program. During one of the sessions we had to write three lists; my Indian hopes, my Indian fears, my Indian fantasies. The last list went something (exactly) like this:
1. Attend an Indian wedding.
2. Attend a bollywood red carpet premiere (preferably also attended by Shah Rukh Khan).
3. Appear in a bollywood film either making my star debut or as an extra (ie a western girl drinking in the background of a bar scene set in a morally corrupt western country). Whichever.

I’m very happy to announce that in only week two, Fantasy #1 is underway! A wedding invitation has been secured and I have a legitimate reason to buy a sari, yippee!

Wedding invitation

The invitation has come from the groom himself, who is the best friend of Varun, Mrs. Singh’s grandson. I’d like to say we were graciously invited in an amazing co-incidence of fate, but I confess Alicia and I have brought the topic up at every opportunity since Varun mentioned the wedding to us when we met on our first day in India. But still. We graciously accepted the invitation that followed after meeting the groom last weekend. Excitement!

Of course photographic evidence of the event will follow. Please do note the part of the invitation that states the reception is being held at Jaymahal Palace. Perfect.


3 Responses to “Indian Fantasy #1: Attend an Indian wedding”

  1. Jo Frith February 28, 2011 at 7:07 am #

    Sounds like it will be amazing!


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